GetPole Racing

We are a mainly german Sim-Racing eSport team participating mostly in iRacing.
It is currently just the best package for us as a team.

In 2016 a small group of racing enthusiasts founded the league community BayPirates Racing for RaceRoom.
After many years of good cooperation with the community it was time for the next step.

With the entry into the world of iRacing the team GetPole Racing was founded at 2019/07/05.
With the change into a team we decided to focus more on driving instead of making events.
Since this, the team is growing and changing in positive directions.

In which role do we see ourselves?

Many of us come from open communities and love to help other Sim-Racers improve and develop race-craft and get more consistency.

The speed of a driver is not primarily important to us.
It is important for us that we get along well in the team and that all have a good time together.