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Advanced License for the OverTheClock SimHub Plugin.

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Advanced License for the OverTheClock SimHub Plugin.

The plugin provides an alternative overlay with extended data for SimHub.
If you searching for “one overlay for nearly every Simracing Game” maybe this is the right one for you.

The Plugin delivers a separate Overlay App and Widows Overlay Manager with multiple profiles to display on a second screen, as windowed Game-Overlay.
You can use the overlay also for your Twitch/YouTube stream. Simply include it in your streaming software as browser source.

Feature overview:

  • Extended SimHub data
  • Overlay App & Manager
  • All overlay widgets
  • Advanced fuel calculator
  • Trading Paints integration
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Extra iRacing data (e.g. Server Split)
  • Extended data available also in SimHub DashStudio
  • Overlays also available via Browser url

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